Oblivion or Resurrection

                         – Payal Joshi.

is inevitable,

They said,
When your bones turn to ashes,

And your blood evaporates,

When for the last time your heart thrashes,

And from your body, your soul separates,
When nothing is left of you in this cosmic world,

You will be forgotten, your name obscure,
They said it again and again,

You will vanish, turn into something oblivious,
And I remember,

Spending sleepless nights,

In fear of this inevitable phenomena,


Was my only wish,
I wanted to prove them wrong,

I wanted to scream so loud,

That oblivion is just for those,

Who forget to leave a mark,
So I did it,

I left a mark,

I gave this world things to remember,

I gave it my piece, my part,
And indeed I proved them wrong,
I proved them wrong,

When I saw people standing near my grave and saying I will be remembered,
I proved them wrong,

When while resting in peace in the bowels of earth,

I heard people taking my name,

In poems, in songs, in thoughts,

Yes, I proved them wrong,

Because at that moment,

My oblivion turned into resurrection,
Yes, I will be remembered,

And now that thought allows me to rest stagnant, in peace, in my grave.


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