By Payal Joshi.

This place is beautiful. I can hear my heartbeat, my breathing, my thoughts out loud as I rest there on the sand.

I can feel everything. Crushed beneath my body and heated by the sun, this sand feels warm. It has wrapped me up in its ardent hold. Once in a while a high tide comes to greet me and embraces my feet into iciness. Its freshness makes me feel rejuvenated. These humid winds seem playful today. They slowly trace the curves of my skin, exploring every inch. My hair, enthralled comes to life. They dance to the tunes. they twist and sway. I feel everything.

I can hear everything. How the waves sing melodies while crashing to the shore. How they hiss angrily while colliding to the rocks. The wind rustles and whispers secrets to the birds. It tickles trees and they laugh and quiver. The birds have the mind of their own. Without a single care, they sing. They sing with all their hearts. They sing at the top of their lungs. I hear everything.

I can see everything. These contrasting colors surrounding me have made my eyes mesmerized. Even the sand looks beautiful sitting there naked. Different hues of blue are all visible in this ocean. This cloudless sky has no shame today in showing its miles of blue skin. The sun above has fixed his gaze on me. He stares, unblinking. These trees are standing there temptingly, spreading there arms wide to appeal to the sun. I see everything.

I can taste freshness.

I can breathe life.

A sigh escapes my lips as they utter, this place is beautiful.

This place is alive.

“Go find your paradise”