A Storm is coming

By Payal Joshi.


Don’t mistake my silence,

As a sign of weakness,

All the evil is summing,

A storm is coming,

Can’t you see these flaming eyes,

I am screaming even with my mouth sewed tight,

Your burning fingers don’t leave a scar,

Fire inside me has a brighter spark,

All the evil is summing,

A storm is coming,

Can’t you see that I don’t cry in pain,

You don’t hurt me, something’s changed,

A tiny sapling of hope is grown,

No one is gonna save you from the coming cyclone,

All the evil is summing,

A Strom is coming,

So now run with all your might and strength,

Hide in the darkest corners if you can,

We’ll see if you are faster than me,

Or we can play the game of hide and seek,

If I catch you, you die,

Keep your eyes open all the time,

And beware if silence starts surrounding,

Cause, silence is the indicator of storm coming,

All the evil is summing,

A storm is coming.


Soothing Lies

Payal Joshi.

Can you lie to me,

say I’ll be alright,

Can you hide the truth,

Its empowering benight,

Can you take me places,

Where sun kisses flowers lilac,

Can you show me faces,

Adorned with smiles maniac,

Can you heal my wounds,

Help my petty heart cope,

Can you caress my soul,

Give me glimpse of hope,

Can you help me forget,

Bitter words thrown at me,

Can you help me believe,

I am not what they tell me,

Can you do this for me,

Tell me, can you love me,

Even if you can’t,

Hide the truth, Lie to me,

Cause soothing lies will mend my heart.

My Wonderland

By Payal Joshi.

A place often visited,

A place, only mine,

Clouds of despair,

Glimpses of sunshine,

Wandering in past,

Wondering of future,

Contemplating self,

Altering nature,

Abundance of self-love,

Destitute Self loathing,

Screaming flummox,

Lullabies soothing,

Love a desire,

Fear, companion,

Victory, aspiration,

Failure, oblivion,

A place, mesmerizing,

A place, obscure,

Needs, stringent,

Demands, impure,

A place often visited,

A place, only mine,

I call it my wonderland,

Here my life is,

Delineated, redefined.